Worship Services

Our worship experience will be a little different online than we are used to in the sanctuary. Each Sunday though, you will find a full worship service within our blog- complete with music, a sermon, and everything else we usually have in face-to-face worship. Know that you’re worshiping with other church members at 10 am each Sunday, or go at your own pace,
whatever you need to feel centered and at prayer.

December 26, 2021

First Sunday after Christmas INTROITJoy to the Worldby Chris Tomlin CALL TO WORSHIP       When Jesus is born to Mary and Joseph,God was there.This very moment,God is here.In a future, we cannot see,God will be there.Let us worship God! PRAYER OF INVOCATIONThank you God, for this time to be together to celebrate the gift of Christmas.Continue reading “December 26, 2021”

December 25, 2021

Christmas Day INTROITO Holy Nightby The Spirituals CALL TO WORSHIP       Let us delight, for morning has dawned, and a new day is born.We celebrate the splendor of creation and the diversity of the human family.We remember those who have come before us – those whose hard work and love shaped our faith and this churchContinue reading “December 25, 2021”

December 19, 2021

Fourth Sunday of Advent INTROITInfant Holy, Infant Lowlyby The Hound + The Fox CALL TO WORSHIP       Soon we will celebrate the birth of Jesus.We worship God with joy in our hearts as we are reminded of the words the angel said on that first Christmas Day:  “Behold, I bring you good news of a greatContinue reading “December 19, 2021”

December 12, 2021

Third Sunday of Advent INTROITO Little Town of Bethlehemby Nat King Cole CALL TO WORSHIP       We come to glorify God, to rejoice in the One who saves us. God comes so that we may believe and be blessed.Our hearts leap for joy! For God is coming to us as a child.God comes for those whoContinue reading “December 12, 2021”

December 5, 2021

Second Sunday of Advent INTROITGlory (Let There Be Peace)by Matt Maher CALL TO WORSHIP       All creation holds its breath.The time is almost here.The heavenly choir of angels await their cue to sing.Excitement is building all around us.Prepare your hearts. The grace of God takes on human form.We gather to make ready our hearts for theContinue reading “December 5, 2021”

November 28, 2021

First Sunday of Advent INTROITWatchman Tell Us of the NightPerformed by Larry Davis CALL TO WORSHIP       Let the heavens be glad;Let the earth rejoice;Let the sea roar;Let the fields exalt;Let us praise the name of God. PRAYER OF INVOCATIONHoly God, we enter Advent with humility. We prepare ourselves to witness the birth of the childContinue reading “November 28, 2021”


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